Beer and Community Come Together Here

Discover what makes our Austin, Minnesota brewery unique

Gravity Storm Brewery Cooperative is unlike any other brewery in the Austin, Minnesota area. We’re a brand-new cooperative that’s dedicated to operating a successful community-driven tap room. Whether you’re an expert brewer or an occasional beer sipper, you’ll enjoy spending time with us. We brew small batches of craft beer, host trivia nights and invite members to become part owners of our business. Members get a say in our daily operations, beer selection and pricing. Who wouldn’t drink to that?

Check out Gravity Storm Brewery Cooperative today. You’ll love the friendly atmosphere, ice-cold beer and brew-loving friends who make up our co-op brewhouse.

How does a brewery co-op work?

How does a brewery co-op work?

Gravity Storm Brewery Cooperative was founded with the goal of making the Austin, MN community a happier place to live. A cooperative brewery encourages its customers to become part owners.

The characteristics of our cooperative include:

  • Voluntary membership
  • Democratic member control
  • A general concern for community
  • Independence from other organizations

Members of our cooperative work together to educate and train prospective owners, make business decisions and solve issues by democratic process while working toward the sustainable development of our community.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our co-op brewery.