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Discover the ownership opportunities we offer in Austin, MN

Gravity Storm Brewery Cooperative offers two types of cooperative ownership opportunities in Austin, Minnesota. The first is our Patron option. You can become a Patron by submitting a co-op application and paying a one-time fee of $200.

Patron members get:

  • A say in anything involving brewery operations
  • Happy hour prices all day, every day
  • First access to special beer releases
  • Invitations to owners-only events
  • A small share of the annual profits

Become a Patron owner by giving us a call. We'll send you a co-op application, walk you through the ownership process and discuss your owner responsibilities.

Invest in a local brewery

Invest in a local brewery

The second cooperative ownership option is our Investor ownership. Becoming an Investor member involves putting up a minimum of $2,000 and filling out an application. You'll get all the benefits of our Patron membership, plus a dividend of up to 8% on your investment, depending on the annual profits. We encourage everyone to take part in bringing our local brewery to life.

When you invest your time and money in the Gravity Storm Brewery Cooperative, you're making an investment in the community. We host regular meetings to discuss ways to make our brewery more successful and our community stronger.

Apply to become an owner today by visiting the brewery or contacting us at 507-396-8808.